The KitchenAid food processor was the first food processor with a "planetary motion". What is it about? Thanks to this technology, the whisk performs a spiral movement capable of reaching a minimum of 59 contact points in the bowl, for fast and complete mixing. All the added ingredients will be perfectly incorporated: you will not miss a single drop.
Open up to a world of possibilities with Kenwood's powerful planetary mixer with cooking function. Precise, with induction cooking, it allows you to control temperatures from 20 ° to 180 °, making Cooking Chef XL perfect for different preparations, including melting chocolate or raising the temperature enough to obtain excellent french fries.
Creativity in the kitchen Kmix is ​​the ideal companion in the kitchen, for those who love to experiment and express themselves through their dishes. Amaze guests with new and different recipes, thanks to the help of this elegant and high-performance Kitchen Machine.

Prospero KM288

The Prospero KM288 is equipped with a planetary movement and has 3 motor sockets for 3 different processing speeds. Powerful 900 W motor, it has a 4.3 l stainless steel container.
Prepare fresh and tasty dishes in seconds. Multipro Express makes homemade food quick and easy. From richer meals to smaller portions, with the Express Serve you can slice and grate directly to your plate.
The new Triblade range has never been faster, more powerful and even easier to use. Its performance and brand new accessories will help you blend, mix and cut the perfect meal, quickly and without difficulty.
This elegant mixer from Kenwood Italia is ideal for beating eggs and making cakes. Practical and handy and a champion of efficiency.

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